Established in July, 2018 KCGI is an independent asset manager in Korea focused on increasing corporate value. We believe that corporate value in Korea can be raised through smooth business succession and improvement in corporate governance.

In the very first month of company establishment we successfully raised and started managing a KRW 160 billion blind pool fund. In addition, we developed various investment opportunities such as acquiring Innowireless, a KOSDAQ listed company, through a project specific fund.

Our investments will not be limited by industry, investment amount, or investment structure. As the company name states we have a mission to contribute to Korea Corporate Governance Improvement through our investments. We will strive to maximize returns on investment for our investors as well as contributing to the sustainable development of our investee companies.


Korean companies are undervalued based on commonly used equity valuation measures. Compared to US companies the discount level is 37% based on P/E Ratio and 22% based on P/B Ratio.

The so-called 'Korea Discount' phenomenon is due to the lowest dividend payout ratio in the world and the poor governance structure. This is epitomized by Tunneling (favoring private family companies over listed companies), Propping (giving subsidies to affiliates), and Expropriation (siphoning off listed companies’ profits for controlling shareholders’ personal gain).

We believe that the Korea Discount can be eliminated through (a) management efficiency, (b) management transparency, (c) investments for long-term growth, and (d) shareholder-oriented management.

When the Korea Discount is eliminated and dividends are raised Korea could experience renewed growth. As the 10 million small individual investors benefit from increased dividends as well as new job creation the domestic economy would enjoy a true income-led growth.



Korean culture-maker: Pioneer on a mission to improve corporate governance in a “Korean way”

  • KCGI wishes to contribute to the establishment of a proper corporate governance culture in Korea. We have learned from the experience of foreign activist funds who sometimes overlooked Korea’s unique culture and norms. We will carefully blend the global best practices with our on-the-ground knowledge of the relevant legal and market environment.

Cohesive sentinel: Promoter of overall shareholder welfare through checks and balances rather than fighting over corporate control

  • KCGI aims to bring a balance of power between controlling and minority shareholders of our investee companies. KCGI would like to see a fair distribution of benefits among shareholders

Growth helper: Advisor/helper working together with investee companies on long-term growth strategies

  • KCGI would like to act as a management consultant, advisor and helper to investee companies. In particular KCGI would like to contribute to the formulation of their long-term growth strategies. We will remain humble and constantly learn from global best practices.

Investment partner: Companion/partner for investee companies’ sustainable development

  • KCGI, as a long-term investor, aims to maximize investment returns as our investee companies increase their enterprise value and engage in sound and sustainable management.


Governance improvement strategy

  • Value destruction by controlling shareholders →governance improvement and synergy creation→ maximization of enterprise value
  • Buy out the controlling shareholder or engage actively as a second or third largest shareholder.

Succession strategy

  • Invest in companies that are facing succession issues. KCGI can help engineer various investment structures as well as create synergies by bringing in strategic investors.
  • KCGI can also advise on succession planning and provide the required financing.

ESG responsible investment strategy

  • Invest in companies or industries with high ESG scores or improving ESG scores. As a long-term investor KCGI can be flexible in their investment decisions. This allows KCGI to consider many investment factors besides financial performance


Nam Kyu KIM, EVP

Partner, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Compliance Officer. Most recently Nam Kyu was a senior counsel in the Legal Department of Samsung Electronics. Prior to that he was the Head of Compliance & Risk Management Team at Samsung Medison and S1. He worked on M & A and other financial transactions at Accolade, Inc.

Member of Korean Bar (completed the 34th Class at the Judicial Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Korea)

LLM and LLB from Korea University

Min Seok SHIN, EVP

Partner and Chief Investment Officer. A financial expert with 16 years of experience as a securities analyst.

After graduating from Hanyang University with a degree in mathematics Min Seok started his career at Daewoo Securities (now merged into MiraeAsset Daewoo) Research Center in 2007. Since then he served as the head of industrial materials team at leading securities companies such as Shinhan Investment Corp. and Hana Financial Investment. Throughout his career he maintained an excellent reputation in the transportation/utility sector.

In particular he has been specializing in the analysis of corporate governance issues in Korea’s transportation industry.


As a founding member Taedoo has been in charge of setting up KCGI Private Equity Fund 1 (KRW 160 billion) and KCGI Private Equity Fund 1 –1 (KRW 26 billion). He analyzed and helped execute the investment in Innowireless Co., Ltd. management buyout deal (KRW 44 billion).

He gained experience in the private equity market in Korea by working on various transactions at VOGO Fund.

BS in Applied Mathematics from Columbia University


One IFC 28th FL, 10 Gukjekeumyung-ro, Yeungdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea
TEL. 02-6325-3404 / FAX. 02-6325-3410
EMAIL. contact@kcgifund.com

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